Halfmask Twin Cartrige 7320

  • Rolled edge around the face seal ensures maximum comfort
  • Droop snoot mode of the cartridge filter for unimpaired frontal vision
  • Reduced inhalation resistance
  • Integrally moulded headstrap fixing points prevent leakage
  • Unique face seal design
  • Inhalation filter, exhalation valve
  • Low profile design accomodates goggles and spectacles
  • Two adjustable straps provide a comfortable fit for a wide variety of head sizes

Efficient elastic band suspension holds respirator in place with minimal pressure to the bridge of the nose. Soft, lightweight construction with easy-to-adjust headstraps offer maximum comfort and fits a variety of facial features. Unique face seal design ensures a contoured fit. Resists a wide range of chemicals.

These cartridges are available: - A1, P2, P3, A1/P2, ABEK, E1, K1