All ROCKMAN stainless steel wire hearing protectors are equipped with the new DualElastan headband. Please compare the DualElastan headband toconventional
headband designs like:

  • Headpad replaceable
  • Extra lateral protection to make it virtually crushproof
  • Stabilized headband pressure
  • No more cracks in headband cover foil
  • Extended headband life

How can this be achieved ?

DUALELASTAN headbands have a hard core stabilizing the stainless steel wires. After having been assembled the the headband unit will be moulded in TPE a very elastic plastic material keeping the headband elastic under any workplace circumstances. By the way the classical wire headband has been considerably improved by the Dual Elastan design.


Conventional Headband designs

Conventional wire head band designs connect the two wires by a two layer PVC foil with inner foam laye r (Method 1) or by moulding the wires into a frame looking like a ladder.

System 1 does not support or protect the wires at all. The headband can be bent easily in any direction. The headpad is too thin to be efficient and cannot be changed. Lateral pressure (like putting accidentally a heavy tool on the hearing protector can - depending from its weight - deform the headband or destroy it permanently. PVC foil as the most of us does not like aging and tends to loose its softener resulting in hardening and cracks.

System 2 perfectly supports the tension, but does not provide any comfort by giving up on any headcushion. If used for more than 20 minutes, the hard plastic frame can
be a real pain in the head.