RANGER Innovation

The technical development of recent safety helmets did not show much progress if compared to the helmets of the sixties. The market is being dominated by single wall helmets with a helmet shell that is being reinforced in the center area on top of the shell (5 - 6 mm).

This shell is assembled to an adjustable harness mostly equipped with a sweatband. The reinforcement on top of the helmet is designed to protect the user against sharp edged tools falling on the helmet shell. Stiffening the helmet shell on the other hand results in little to no flexibility of the shell when its comes to an impact The impact energy is being forwarded to the harness and from there to the users’ head. Compared to the progress modern vehicles displayed over the last 10 years, safety helmets are on the technical level of a car from the sixties. No safety belts, no airbags and no crumple zone to absorb as much impact energy as possible for better protection of the passengers. We at ENHA designed a new helmet and took the efforts of modern car technology into account.

The RANGER helmet comes with a Crash Zone that has been integrated on top of the helmet shell exactly where an impact most likely will occurr. The Crash Zone is double walled and between both walls we placed a part that is being compressed and deformed if it comes to the worst, absorbing impact energy and reducing the amount of impact energy being forwarded from the helmet shell to the harness. The more the Crash Box is being deformed the better because the amount of impact energy being passed through to the harness will be measurably reduced.

The RANGER helmets is providing a high protection level by having its Crash Box intentionally destroyed for better protection of the user.