ROCKMAN T6 for Hot Metal Industry

Helmet Shell

  • Wide profile
  • Made from an advanced fibreglass material offering impact resistance at high levels of radiant heat
  • Improved stability against lateral impacts
  • Short peak for better sight
  • Accessory slots (30 mm) accept a wide variety of attachments like visors or/and hearing protectors
  • All ventilation holes closed for increased protection
  • Appealing Design

Helmet Suspension

  • 6 - point textile suspension (woven nylon webbing) for excellent comfort manufactured from a special heat resistant material
  • DFT - DeFormaTec (TM) - suspension for decreasing impact peaks
  • Low nape strap helps prevent the helmet from shifting on the wearer's head
  • Long sweat-band from anti allergic fleece material
  • Several chin strap mounts for a large variety of straps
  • Vertical adjustment for height
  • One-hand-ratchet headband with rear knob for instant sizing


EN - Norm tested and certified  EN 397 
Heat Resistance Molten Metall MM,  Heat resistant  up to + 150°C 
Cold resistance  - 30° C and up to - 50° C   special Helmet, Standard - 10° C) 
Harness 4 or 6 Point Textile Suspension
D Optional One Hand Ratchet
Standard Colors White, yellow, red


T6 with wire mesh visor 4210W


T6 with goldcoated visor 4209 G and visor carrier 4300M


T6 with wire mesh visor 4212W, short and 20x60 mm window for filter glass 4211O


T6 with wire mesh visor 4213W , short and 2 x 50 mm filter glass 4213O