DFT DeFormaTec Suspension

The DeFormaTec (TM) (DFT) helmet suspension has been designed according to the newest knowledge resulting from thousands of crash tests in our testing facility.

The impact, monitored by a special device, which is capable to measure impact force in 1/1000 second intervals, documented by a printed curve, displays a high amplitude in the very beginning.The intense hit can cause serious head injuries.
To avoid these peaks of the curve, one part or parts of the suspension must break within a very short time. All elastic materials working similar like car shocks are far too slow to react in time meaning successfully cutting off the peak of the impact curve.
We did it by breaking the suspension. We designed the DFT suspension to break on impact exactly at the calculated points. For a 6-point suspension we have 12 points for the crash available making sure that the impact will be reduced wherever the hammer (impact) attacks the helmet shell.

If you want the max for head protection, choose the option DFT for upgrading your ROCKMAN helmet.