E-MAN Integrated Visor

 The helmet for electricians E-MAN 4000 with integrated Visor and crashbox is available online. Buy here.

  1. Helmet with retractable full face visor
  2. Crashbox (Crumble Zone) for additional reduction of impact energy

The CRASH Box has been designed as

  1. top cover containing many tiny cylinders
  2. helmet shell corresponding errecting pins matched the above mentioned cylinders. At impact, the pins are being crushed into the cylinders being forced into a spin reducing the impact energy through the helmet shell, while conventional helmet have a reinforced helmet shell that is forwarding the impact energy to the suspension aka head of the wearer instead.





Material Heavy Duty ABS with integrated Crashbox
Helmet Shell Neck Protection no ventilation holes
Harness  6 - Point Textile Suspension with ratchet (Standard)
Comfort Sweatband and 4 Point Chin Strap (Standard)
Slots 30 mm for 3018 hearing protection
Certificates EN 397, 50365, 166, GS-ET29, ANSI Z89 2003
Zubehör EN 397, 50365, 166, GS-ET29, ANSI Z89 2003
Special Crashbox 
Weight approx. 785 g


E-MAN Accessories

Accessories available for the E-MAN helmet:

  • Head light, LED, with socket mount or headband attachment.
  • Different types of chinstraps all without any metal parts with 2 and 4 point mounting.
  • 10 sorts of sweat band to choose from 
  • Standard E-MAN equipped with special comfort sweat band, ratchet adjustable headband and 6 point textile harness
  • Visor antifog and antscratch coated