Helmets: Construction and Industry

In 2000 ENHA has launched the Rockman (TM) helmet series, which offers some brandnew patented (optional) features:
The DeFormaTec (TM) suspension comes with twelve DeFormaTec (TM) impact points, which will partially break in case of a serious impact taking away a certain amount of impact energy from the head of the wearer.
It is an efficient and not very costly way to increase the safety factor of one of the most important safety devices.

Thinking always about a safer world, our designers added a new helmet shell to the DeFormaTec (TM) - DFT - suspension, which has been especially designed to support the DFT - suspension in decreasing the impact force by deforming itself according to the intensity. It can be related to the design of a modern racing car, which body is extremely light and but can take a huge amount of energy by getting deformed through the impact energy and protecting the life of its driver. 

The ROCKMAN (TM) helmet shell has been designed according to the newest knowledge resulting from thousands of crash tests in our testing facility. It is moulded from high density polyethylene mixed with chemical inhibitors that help prevent degradation from ultravilet light. The helmet shell, built like a rigid cage, can react upon impact by intended partial deformation of the shell, further impact energy taken by the DFT - suspension.
For additional comfort we offer an one-hand-ratchet headband (optional) with rear knob for instant sizing even with a hand in a leather glove.

Furthermore the Rockman (TM) helmet offers chinstrap mounts, which are releasing the strap in case of exceeding a certain amount of force to avoid the strangling of the wearer by the chin strap.
Rockman (TM) helmets are available in different types for electricians (no ventilation holes), forestry (more ventilation holes), construction and industry, furnace (heat resistant) etc.
A large range of attachable hearing protectors and visors can be choosen of to meet the most possible work place requirements.