Why Buying ROCKMAN Helmets?

  • Lattice frame design for better impact energy absorption
  • Excellent absorption rates compared to the most recent products
  • worldwide recognized competitors. From - 30° Celsius to + 50° C less than half of the max 5000 N tolerated by EN 397. We are performing this test procedure every single day of production at - 30°C, + 20°C and + 50°C in our lab.
  • o 30 mm slots for hearing and /or visor mounting
  • o Lightweight starting from 315 g
  • o 4 or 6 Point suspension with self-releasing chin strap mounts (standard)
  • o Textile or plastic harness to choose from
  • Self-releasing chin strap mounts (standard)
  • Wide range of sweatbands (fleece, leather terry cloth, plastic, cooling, all antiallergic and washable
  • One hand operational ratchet (optional) or pinlock (standard)
  • Exclusively manufactured and assembled in Germany
  • Virgin plastic granulate only from leading brand manufacturers (Bayer, BASF etc) no remanufactured granulate
  • Ventilation holes (if equipped) on top of the helmet allowing the warm air air to ascend drawing cooler air into the helmet shell. It has been taken into account
  • We offer a large range of models for almost all work places
  • The headband design allows the user to bend far over without loosing the helmet
  • All ROCKMAN helmets offer additional neck protection through helmet shell
  • Worldwide certified: ANSI USA, Russia GHOST, EN Europe, Chile and many more


It did not happen accidentally that our technical director received an (or several) award (s) for all helmets he has been designing during his career. IF (Industrieforum Hannover) 1997, Saarländischer Preis für Design 1997, Designpreis NRW 1997, RED DOT Designpreis, Förderpreis für Arbeit, Sicherheit und Gesundheit der SteinbruchsBG 2001 (ROCKMAN Helmets), reddot design award winner 2009 (E-MAN Helmserie), Nicolaus August Otto Preis für Innovation 2011 (RANGER Helm Serie).


Made in Germany

We develop, design and manufacture alle of our helmets in Germany. We are ISO 9001 certified and are performing helmet lab tests according to EN 397 every production day under different temperatures starting from + 50°C and ending at - 30°C.
We always purchase virgin brand granulate from leading companies, we never buy regranulate that previously has been run through an injection molding machine. For helmets shells we exclusively use UV stabilized granulate which will reduce aging, especially if exposed to the sun for a longer period of its lifetime, like extended outdoor use.

Value For Your Money

The RANGER helmet offers more protection than conventional designed helmets, but comes with a higher price, unfortunately. Compared with the price tag on modern safety shoes it is still a reasoable investment, that might pay off one day but is paying off every day by its super modern design and unconventional looks. Especially with all garments and shoes looking so modern and cool, most of the users will agree that it is time for a change and the fresh looks of the RANGER helmet. To allow the user to individualize his RANGER we offer a range of useful accessories that will set the proud owner of a RANGER helmet apart from the pack. Please also look at page 4 of this brochure.