Forestry Helmet SUPER PRO

Forsthelmkombination SUPER PRO

2806FWADP + 9270

  • Helmet F6A, award-winning design, self releasing chin strap mounts, generously ventilated, 6 point textile harness, impact absorbent helmet shell, CE tested and certified for use under low temperatures (- 30° C = - 22° F), ANSI tested and certified: single-handed turn knob ratchet system
  • Helmet mounted hearing protector 3018, Polyamide arms, low tension, high attenuation, very comfortable and effective,
  • Visor carrier 4300BP with protective sun peak
  • Wire mesh visor 4100W, stainless-steel, won´t rust
  • IntegraSpec retractable eye wear, clear or tinted
  • 9270 nape protector
  • Made in Germany 

* EN 352
** ANSI S3.19-1974


Helmet ROCKMAN F6/F6A 

Material Polyethyleen or ABS 
Helmet Shell Neck Protection + additional Ventilation Holes
Harness 6 - Point Textile Suspension with optional Ratchet
Comfort Perforated Forestry Sweatband for better Ventilation
Slots 30 mm
Form Rain Gutter
Accessory  Chin Strap Mounts self-releasing 
Weight 326 g