Face Protection

We are always focused on safety (1st) and comfort (2nd) so we concentrated on a durable carrier-visor fixing, a never failing joint, which is not only keeping the visor in the down position without shaking or rattling, but is also capable to hold it up whatever size of visor is mounted. Our patented joint does not jump into the up position by a touch with your fingertip, but if it is open it will stay there.
The joint will never rust and does not need any maintenance. For electricians a dielectric version can be offered.
If no helmet is required the HD - faceshield range comes with a ratchet headband, which can be easily adjusted with one hand in a glove. The extra durable headband comes with a forehead pad and can be equipped with an additional sweatband (optional).
A large range of visors allows adjustment to most thinkable working conditions:

  • Polycarbonate (PC), clear, 1.0 mm (thickness)
  • PC, clear, 1.5 mm
  • PC, antifog coated
  • PC, antiscratch coated
  • PC, AC = antifog- (inside) /antiscratch (outs.) coated
  • PC, shade 1.7 for sun protection
  • PC, shade 5 for welding purpose
  • PC, goldcoated for better heat reflection and filtering