TECHINFO Work Protection

Protective effect::

Protective eyewear must shield the wearer from the following harmful effects:

  1. mechanical impacts (splinters, chippings, dust, various kinds of energy)
  2. optical radiation (e.g. ultraviolet rays)
  3. drops and splashes (e.g. chemicals)
  4. molten metal and hot solids
  5. gases
  6. electric arcs

All CE-certified safety glasses are labelled with the particular range of protection they cover.

Labelled application area:

Safety glasses have to be labelled with their specific range of protection in order to use them accordingly. Frame and lenses must be marked separately. In case that frame and lenses consist of one single piece, the marking is found on the frame.

Optical classes:

Safety glasses are classified into three categories:

  • Class 1: for tasks with exceptional requirements concerning the visual performance and for permanent use
  • Class 2: for tasks demanding an average visual performance
  • Class 3: for simple tasks that do not require any particular visual performance, for exceptional use only

Eye Protection