TECHINFO Safety Glasses

Overview of the safety glasses labelling according to DIN 166

Glasses labelling

basic mechanical resistance no symbol
enhanced mechanical resistance  symbol  „S“
low energy impact
(6 mm steel ball, 45m /sec)
symbol  „F“
 medium energy impact
(6mm steel ball, 120 m /sec)
symbol „B“ 
anti-scratch symbol „K“
anti-fog symbol „N“

Frame labelling according to DIN 166 without basic mechanical resistance

S   enhanced mechanical resistance
F low energy impac
B medium energy impact
A high energy impact
2 liquids
3 coarse dust
5 respirable dust and gases
8 electric arcs
9 molten metals

Welding protection levels according to DIN / EN

Overview of the most common welding protection levels and their particular application areas

1.7: protection from ultraviolet rays and scattered light
5: welding and brazing with 70-200 litres acetylene per hour
flame and oxygen cutting with 900-2.000 litres oxygene per hour
7: welding and brazing with more than 800 litres acetylene per hour
flame and oxygene cutting with 4.000-8.000 litres oxygene per hour
10: for electric welding up to 49 A
12: for electric welding between 50 and 149 A
(In order to assess the appropriate protection level, the intensity of current
in ampere has to be measurered by a transformer)

Eye Protection