SUPERCOMFORT 4307AC is available online.

  • high-quality full view goggles that adapt perfectly to the wearer’s head shape
  • particularly designed nose area that allows to wear respiratory masks at the same time
  • The semi-transparent and specially designed frame offers an excellent all-round view. Due to the ultra-soft material the SUPERCOMFORT is most comfortable to wear and avoids pressure marks - perfect for everyday use.
  • indirect ventilation areas with severeal large ports provide good circulation of air
  • can be worn over prespcription spectacles
  • polycarbonate lens with anti-fog (inside) and anti-scratch coating
  • Application areas: working in dusty surroundings, milling and turning, grinding, fine mechanical tasks, simple installation and stucco works, stone cutting. Limited use for laboratory works.
  • optical class 1
  • multifunctional use according to DIN 166:
    - 2 (particles),
    - 3 (liquids),
    - MM (molten metals),
    - K (anti-scratch resistance),
    - B (medium energy impact - 6 mm steel ball at 432 km / h),
    - UV protection